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Bookmakers that accept Debit Card for deposits and withdrawals

The Internet has revolutionised sports betting. It's no longer necessary to go out to the local bookmaker to place a bet. It can all be done from the comfort of your flat. A few simple clicks, and you're all set up.

All the major players are now accepting debit cards for their online betting: William Hill, Ladbrokes, PaddyPower, Betway, and SkyBet are just a few of the major bookmakers that accept debit card for deposits and withdrawals, but there are literally dozens of sites that will allow you to join your banking card to your account.

How to deposit & withdraw using debit cards

This is super easy. When placing a bet, you'll be asked how you'd like to pay. Choose the debit option, and fill in the required information. This will include name and address (must be the same as those associated with the debit card), card number, expiration date, and the three or four digit CVV number (unique security code) from the back of the card. You will NOT be asked to enter your PIN, as you would at an automatic banking machine. Beware any site that requests that information, as it is likely as scam.

Why should you use debit cards for betting online?

Using a debit card to place sports bets is not only easy, but more importantly, it keeps you from overextending your finances. Unlike betting on credit, you can only spend what you have in the bank. This keeps the game fun, as it can eliminate a good deal of the stress that comes with betting on credit. If you have only a few quid, you can only spend a few quid. There's no fear of racking up a lifetime's worth of debt over a few games of football. Know your limits, and don't surpass them.

Is it a safe way to transfer funds to a bookmaker?

Online bookmakers in the United Kingdom that accept debit and credit payments are registered with the gambling commission, and with the payment providers like VisaDebit and Maestro, whose symbols you will see on your card. Depositing funds in your William Hill account is no different than shopping online at Tesco.

Are there any issues you should be aware of?

The good thing is that, unlike credit card betting, there are no transaction fees. A debit card is like paying cash, so bookmakers that accept debit card for deposits and withdrawals aren't shifting any fees over to you, the customer. Unfortunately, unlike a regular Visa or MasterCard, most debit cards are not insured. That means if someone else gets ahold of them and places online bets with them, it is a very slim chance your bank will waive the amount. The flipside of that is some savvy banks get suspicious of online betting, especially if it's your first time. They may freeze your account pending your confirmation that it was indeed you who placed the bet. It's a major hassle if you're in a hurry, but it's really for your own protection.