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Bookmakers that accept Skrill for deposits and withdrawals

Skrill is an e-wallet service based out of London. Around since 2001 (when they began as Moneybookers), they've developed a solid reputation for secure online transactions.

Though not as big or as well-known as some of the other e-wallet services, Skrill is popular among online bookmakers, and is accepted by most of the major players like William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Bet365.

How to deposit and withdraw funds using Skrill

Like other e-wallets, you set up an account with Skrill using an email address and password, then link your credit and/or debit cards to the account. Get your account set up a day or two before the big game, just in case they choose to make a verification deposit or withdrawal. Once your account is verified, you're good to go!

When you place a bet with an online site, just click the option to pay with Skrill, and the funds will automatically be withdrawn from your card of choice.

Any bets that you win can be withdrawn back onto your card, or left in your Skrill account for the next bet.

Why should you use Skrill?

Skrill has almost no user fees. They are way cheaper than other e-wallet services, and bookmakers that accept Skrill for deposits and withdrawals report positive feedback from punters. There is no fee to use Skrill on any site that accepts them, and no fee for withdrawals. Even to use them for email funds transfers only costs 1% of the transaction, but is capped at $10 USD. So you're not wasting all your earnings on fees, like with some of the bigger services.

Is it a safe way to transfer funds to a bookmaker?

Skype, eBay, and Facebook all recognise and use Skrill as a trusted e-commerce partner, which speaks highly of their reputation. They've had no major breaches in security since they began operations, and no reported frauds. Punters like using e-wallets for the simple fact that their banks can't snoop around into every transaction. Anyone looking at the credit or debit card statement will see only a transaction with Skrill, not with a bookmaker. So it is not only secure, it's also discreet.

There is the option to add Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, which is a way of asking for additional log in information. You would use your username and password like always, and then you would be required to enter additional security information.

Skrill users who have high traffic for larger sums will be offered VIP status by the company, and given a security token to log in and make transactions, adding an extra layer of safety to their accounts.

Are there any issues you should be aware of?

The only frustrations with Skrill seem to be its lack of reach. As it is still a smaller player compared to, say, PayPal, it is not used on as many bookmaking sites, nor in as many countries. Beyond that, punters who use it regularly are happy with the service overall. The average British better making a book on a UK site like Ladbrokes will not encounter any problems whatsoever.